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Flavour of Cupcakes:

Classic Chocolate Valrhona *best seller*
~ these cupcakes are incredibly rich and moist delights! And the chocolate imported from France.

Vanilla Blueberry
~ mix of vanilla flavour with blueberry filling, so yummy.

Vanilla Chocolate Choc Chips *best seller*
~ the cupcake mixture is plain, but has a surprise layer of chocolate chips inside.

Green Tea White Choc Chips  *best seller*
~ perfect combination for Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino lovers!

Vanilla Cheese
~this is for cheese lover!

~ absolutely gorgeous flavour!

~ mix of strong coffee with vanilla, blend perfectly!

More flavours SOON!

nb: You can mix any flavours for minimum order 9 pcs cupcakes set except Classic Chocolate Valrhona.

Flavour of Cake Decor Fondant:

~ Chocolate Muddy with Couverture Chocolate 56%  *best seller*
~ Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Flavour of Butter Cream Cake

~ Vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting *best seller*
~ Vanilla cake with peach and mango jam
~ Vanilla cake with caramel
~ Chocolate cake with ganache


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